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As a nonprofit housing developer, HHLA is acquainted with credit counselors, who can help potential LMI home buyers build and/or repair their credit, to qualify for a home loan. Beginning September 27, 2018, from 6 PM -7 PM, HHLA will host quarterly credit and money management workshops, facilitated by Charmaine Chatman of Operation HOPE. Workshops are free.



As an affordable housing provider, HHLA wants to insure that its potential LMI home buyers get the proper homeownership education and counseling they need to sustain affordable ownership housing. That is why we offer referrals to knowledgable housing counselors, free of charge.



As our name implies, Heritage Homes & Land Acquisitions, Inc., is committed to helping poor, economically disadvantaged people and LMI individuals build their assets, in order to leave an inheritance to their children's children. That is why we offer referrals to knowledgeable estate planning attorneys, free of charge, to help our clients create a living will, living trust, and/or last will and testament.



As a real estate developer, HHLA has relationships with real estate agents, who know the Birmingham-Hoover market like the back of their hands. Let us refer you to an experienced agent, who can show you the house of your dreams and budget. The referral is free.



Also, as a real estate developer, HHLA is acquainted with mortgage brokers, who do not work for banks, but, instead, work for you, to get you the best deal on your home mortgage loan. Allow HHLA to introduce you to a mortgage broker, today. The referral is free.



As an affordable housing developer, HHLA has relationships with residential home builders, with years of experience in building new homes. Most builders offer floor plans of their own that you can have built as designed. Depending on the builder, you can often customize the design to your specifications. Or you may choose one of 12 varying house plans called The Heritage, designed by the founder and executive director of HHLA, Mary Wright. Let us refer you to an experienced builder, who can build you the house of your dreams, on your own lot and on budget, . The referral is free.



Also, as an affordable housing developer, HHLA has relationships with employers, looking to hire qualified job seekers, for short-term and long-term employment. One particular employer is The Wright Way Company, Inc. ( Located in the same building as HHLA, "Wright Way" is currently accepting applications for job placement. Let us refer you to Wright Way and other employers, who can put you on the path to your dream job. The referral is free.



In the near future, HHLA will offer owner financing for its real estate properties, for qualified home and land buyers that do not quite qualify for a bank home loan product, based on the following loan terms: 10-year balloon, with 30-year amortization contract for deed financing, with 5% interest and 3% down payment, and no monthly MIP/PMI. Although the contract term will be 10 years, with a balloon payment due at the end of the term, the contract will be amortized as if it lasted 30 years, which will make the monthly installment payments more affordable. The home / land buyer will be required to have a minimum investment of 3 percent. Unlike FHA and other loan products, there will be no monthly mortgage insurance premiums or private mortgage insurance fees to pay. Home buyers will be asked to agree to refinance the Contract for Deed as soon as they have removed the barriers preventing them from qualifying for an FHA, VA or Conventional home loan. 

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