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Our Story

Having been homeless, herself, the founder and Executive Director of Heritage Homes & Land Acquisitions, Inc., Mary Wright, knows what it means to desire one's own place and space, but not have the financial means and good credit to be approved for a home loan. Mrs. Wright and her husband, Deon Wright, go into select Alabama state prisons, as religious volunteers, sharing the love and Word of God with inmates. One such prison visit, while breaking for lunch between prisons, Mrs. Wright had an epiphany. While headed South on Alabama Highway 143, in Wetumpka, AL, she looked out of the prison ministry van window, to her  right, and saw a single-family subdivision, which she had seen many times before. However, this time she had a flash of a vision, where she saw previously incarcerated persons and their families living in such a nice housing development. She got so excited about the vision that she shared it with her fellow volunteers. They kind of shrugged her off, but she immediately began putting the wheels in motion to make what she saw, in the spirit, a reality - high-quality, affordable housing community developments, for people with less than desirable backgrounds.



In 2015, she, with the help of the Holy Spirit leading and guiding her and her husband supporting her financially, organized Heritage Homes & Land Acquisitions, Inc. (HHLA), in the state of Alabama. Unfortunately HHLA cannot help everyone achieve "the American Dream", or home and land ownership, as it is committed to the socioeconomic advancement of poor, economically disadvantaged people and very low-to-moderate-income (LMI) households, with homeownership related barriers. Why? Being one that believes in that, if you see a need, you should meet a need, Mary Wright has heard the disparaging cries for help from these people, in the community, and HHLA is the result of her doing something about it.

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